SK Jenia

Sk. Jenia

SK. Jenia is a fierce, robust, chilled out  & super funny mother of 3 equally cool kids. She is a MBA-HR  and was associated with a leading executive search firm for 5 years as a consultant. She quit her job in 2013 and decided to become a full time stay at home mother. She has 2 boys aged  8 and 5 years old, and a few months ago she welcomed her 3rd child, a 3 years old princess, through adoption. 

Her second obsession is her curls and sometimes she doesn’t mind prioritising her hair over her kids. well i told you, she is funny!!

She is blessed with a partner who likes to believe that he tolerates her but he knows he is lucked out. jokes apart he is the wind under her wings & gives her the strength to soar high knowing he will catch her if she ever falls.

Born in a nuclear conservative family and married to yet another conservative joint family, she has worked her way up to break barriers, change mindset and emerge as an independent  feminist. yes a feminist who loves to cook for her family!!!