Harini Sivakumar

Founder, Soapworks India

Soapworks india is a start up unit founded, 4 years ago, by Harini Sivakumar, a momprenuer, having two children, one of which is a special child. To cater to the non toxic requirement of her special child, Harini started making a lot of non toxic DIY projects for self use. It started to get a lot of attention from many moms with similar requirements and the company was formed formally in July 2015.

Soapworks India not only works in making safe skincare but is also conscious about the environmental impact that a company has. We are very proud to say that we are one of the very few companies that is 100% PLASTIC FREE. In today’s world where everyone is going digital and online shopping is the way to go, plastic generation has become 3 manifolds higher. To set an example that going digital need not always mean more plastic consumption, we ensure that all packages that go out are 100% plastic free. Right from the boxes, tapes, fillers to the time till the product is entirely used and disposed, no plastic generated whatsoever. All the packaging material is either tin, glass or cardboard based. We are an online store and use only digital mode for generating orders and payments and hence we do not generate paper waste also. 

Our company is an all women venture. We impart training to women from the economically weaker section of the society where they are given expertise to handle manufacturing and we also employ people with disabilities like autism and down syndrome from time to time to make our work place 100% inclusive.

Website: www.soapworksindia.com