Anupama Jain 

Author-Blogger – Admin SeniorSchoolMoms

Admin of a famous FB group ‘SeniorSchoolMoms’, an avid blogger, she has published multiple stories and Snippets and has contributed to many online parental forums. She has blogged for multiple brands on mycity4kids, won awards, was runner-up in the humor category of the recent orange flower awards. She has been penning a fortnightly satirical series for Readomania called “AJ wants to know’ for over a year now.
She calls herself an accidental late entrant to this world of writing. AJ says that her epitaph shall read, “And She (s) mothered us!”
She adds, “I am a dinosaur mom in comparison to most of the moms around. I am friends with my children and my parents. My journey as a mother has had its ups and down. The unwavering faith in each other kept us going. The family is paramount.”
A major illness took her into the world of blogging. Nothing more and nothing less, her magic genie was her Pen. Her writing resonates, her thoughts are inspiring and motivating.
Mrs. Anupama Jain is an MCA from Pune University. Started her professional journey from NIIT and managed her own software company. She currently teaches children, writes and inspires.
“Somedays I’m just a mom and on some days I give completely to work. Here the family’s support is absolute. I’m blessed with one such by God’s grace. Each one of us has a different story and a different journey. Work completes us and family sustain us. We make our own story. The trick is to take life as it comes and in your stride and not get overwhelmed by it. Now my calling card in life is that I have tried to be a good daughter and I definitely am, a good mother. Just DO IT !!!”
She has a magic of touching souls with her magic wand.
And her advice to other moms is that there is no shortcut to success. The key is to always improve and update self.
Love yourself the most and learn as much as you can.
She has recently published her first book ‘When Padma Bani Paula’

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April 23, 2018

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